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[DDTP]: Script for mass committing of package descriptions using a Translation-<LANG> patch

Hi all,

as you probably know I like the idea to send in many updates to the
package descriptions at once. This is especially useful to fix common
typos, bogus encoding, ...

I noticed that I misunderstood Michael's remark, that the review process
is not yet possible. This may be true but nevertheless it's already
possible to resend a corrected translated package description to the
server. Great!

This is all I required to write a script which takes two
Translation-$LANG files as arguments, creates a diff and sends all
modified descriptions back to the server. So I can now update hundreds
of translations with a single command.

I attached it but I'm not sure wether it's a good idea to use it yet:
 * I do not add "noguide" to the subject because someone mentioned there
   is no mail processing in this case. This may result in recieving many
 * The larger problem I see is that the description fetched via 
   http://ddtp.debian.net/ddt.cgi?desc_id=1&getuntrans=de are not
   up-to-date in contrast to
   The simplest way to get a translation template is using the
   &getuntrans= address but this may be outdated!
   Michael, is there any way that you could update these files more
   often/dynamically? (I also wrote code to create the template using
   the webdate from the second link. But I consider this not a clean
   solution and removed it.)

Apart from this (and under the assumption that nobody did major updates
to already translated description which are currently not available
using the first link) my script works well. All you have to do is to
change a few variables at the start of the file.
You can savely test it as it sends mails per default to your local
mail address instead of pdesc@ddtp.debian.net.

Michael, it would also help a lot if you could update the Translation-*
files more often (daily). You said that a cronjob was broken. Did you
repaired it?


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