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D-I Manual - Major commits to prepare for addition of AMD64 variant

Hello all,

Today I have made a few fairly big commits (touching many files at least) 
to prepare for the addition of a new variant of the manual for the AMD64 
architecture (closing #305977).

No real changes have been made yet. Today's commits were just laying the 
groundwork and have made the AMD64 variant a copy of the i386 one.

Sections common to i386 and AMD64 can now be identified by 'arch="x86"'.
Sections relevant to only i386 or AMD64 by 'arch="i386"' and 
'arch="amd64"' respectively.
Sections relevant to all architectures except i386 and AMD64 can be 
identified by 'arch="not-x86"'.

All existing occurrences of 'arch="i386"' have been replaced with 
'arch="x86"'; a large part of the remaining work will be to identify 
which to change back to "i386" and adding separate text for AMD64 where 

A fair amount of that work will have to be done in the run-up to the 
release of Etch to make inclusion of the AMD64 variant really possible.

The good news is: so far there is no translation work involved and all 
translated XML files have been "unfuzzied" (provided the translation was 
The bad news is: there will be quite a few more changes needed before 
AMD64 really is added and a lot of those _will_ involve translation work.
I will try to unfuzzy changes wherever possible.

Please 'svn up' before you do any new translation work!

If you notice anything strange in your translation that could be caused by 
today's changes, please contact me ASAP.

To see the changes committed for your translation, use:
$ svn diff -r 39613:39626 <language>    # for XML-based translations
$ svn diff -r 39613:39629 po/<language> # for PO-based translations

AMD64 people
Some help with remaining changes would be very much appreciated. If there 
are any volunteers (with a fairly good command of English), please 
contact me.

The AMD64 variant of the manual will not yet be built by default, but can 
be built manually:
$ cd manual/build
$ less README
# aptitude install <build requirements as listed in the README>
$ ./buildone.sh amd64


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