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Sort-of web frontend to the DDTS

People following d-devel will have seen this, but I've written a sort-of
frontend for the DDTS. It's a standalone system, it doesn't have anything to 
do with the DDTS directly, except that it knows how to drive the system via
email and process the responses.

It's a web interface based system. What happens is that it tries to keep a
configurable number of untranslated descriptions available. A user can click 
on it and provide the translation. After that is goes to the review list. 
>From there any number of people can review it. Once that has passed a
configurable number (can be zero) it will be sent off to the DDTS.

It has a few little smarts. For example, you can configure a list of words 
that, if they appear in the untranslated text, will appear underlined and 
when you hover your mouse over it it provides a translation. This is good for
words like script, command, executable, caller, library, etc which tend to 
get varying translations depending on who's doing it.

See the following example pages (not live system):


At the moment I'm just using it for myself, to submit translations I'm doing
myself. But I figured maybe other people would be interested in something 
like this.

Note: I should probably reinterate that this system has no special 
relationship to the DDTS and so any reviewing done using this doesn't mean
anything to the DDTS. However, the more people that look, the more likely 
we  get a good result, right?

You can download the current source (as it is) here:

I'm not really subscribed here, so please CC any responses.

Have a nice day,

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