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Re: D-I Manual - Major commits to prepare for addition of AMD64 variant

On Tuesday 08 August 2006 00:50, Frans Pop wrote:
> Translators
> ===========
> The good news is: so far there is no translation work involved and all
> translated XML files have been "unfuzzied" (provided the translation
> was up-to-date).

I have just discovered that for PO-based translations this is not quite 
true: there are about 15 strings fuzzy as a result of the changes. This 
is because my "unfuzzying" attempt did not work.

However, I also see that doing this automatically could be risky because 
of line breaks in translations. Because the number of affected strings is 
so small, I have decided it's better to let translators correct these 

In most cases it's a simple replacement from "i386" to "x86" inside 
<phrase> tags in the strings. The quicker you update these, the less 
chance there is there will also be other changes in the strings you need 
to check for!


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