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Re: DDTP, PO format and the future Debian i18n infrastructure


> Grisu, before we get the nice infrastructure (probably based on
> Pootle) which we will discuss in Extremadura, do you think that some
> crude way to get PO files for the DDTP would be possible ?

Hey Debian folks, you have a GSoC person working on l10n stuff,
remember?  /me waves ;)  I am working on exactly this thing right now.
By Sunday evening I hope to have scripts that do these things:

- import templates to Pootle (from Packages file)
- import translations to Pootle (from a directory of Packages-?? files)
- export translations to a set of Packages-?? files
- merge new translations into Pootle (from a directory of Packages-??)

I think this covers everything needed to run DDTP translations on
Pootle.  The script could be run by a cron job to synchronise between
DDTP files and translations in Pootle.

By the way, my current code takes the easy route and just grabs the
whole description as a single msgid (though the behaviour is easy to
change). You are right in that it is more inconvenient than a smarter
system that would put separate paragraphs into separate msgids, and
wrap text to 79 columns automatically. However, there might be some
complications for automatic wrapping with such things as bullet lists
in descriptions where items have to stay on separate lines.  I would
like your input on this.

The nice thing is that whatever we decide, it's easy to test if the
technique works for English and current translations: just run the
segmentation through and back and compare with the original.  It might
be trickier for more complex languages that DDTP has not dealt with
yet, but maybe we can cross that bridge when we come to it.

Gintautas Miliauskas

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