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Problem with "invisible" unicode (UTF-8) filenames ...

I've had to reinstall my fileserver after the old one died a horrible
death. Now filenames with Japanese characters in them don't display
correctly anymore. A little more testing shows that all my
Debian-testing machines have problems with unicode filenames.

All it took on the old fileserver install is switching to an UTF-8
locale, and that is the default now ... all these boxes have only
UTF-8 locales defined.

Symptoms (3 testing boxes, 2x386, 1xamd64):

- X11: works
- ssh: doesn't work

I can (if I ssh in via putty) create files and directories with
Japanese filenames, I just can't see them. After confirming input in
the MS-IME with [ENTER] an appropriate amount of blank space is
inserted where I'm typing.

mkdir "テスト" shows as mkdir "   ".

This command gets executed successfully and I look at the dir in X or
via samba gets displayed correctly. ssh sessions continue to display
it blank, but if I copy the apparently blank characters and copy them
into notepad, they "reappear".
When editing such a directory in emacs (over ssh) the names show blank
as well, but the blanks are double-width.
rm "テスト" works as well, only it shows rm "   " again

- console: doesn't work

Unicode chars show up as the correct number of little boxes.

Conclusion: the filenames are treated correctly, just not shown.

Now for the console this is likely a font problem, though I can't
recall having installed a special font package on the old machine.

For ssh (at least from Windows) it can't be a font problem since the
displaying is done on the Windows side and that hasn't been touched.

This used to work out of the box, what am I doing wrong?



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