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Re: D-I Manual - Unofficial translations of the GPL appendix

On Saturday 06 May 2006 11:13, Luca Monducci wrote:
> About contitional paragraphs: in administrivia.xml there is another
> paragraph that should be conditionally included in translations.

As Luca correctly reminded me, there already was a far better place in the 
manual to acknowledge translators: in administrativa.

So, today I have committed the changes needed to support that.

- In bookinfo bookinfo-langteam has become translation-status
  This para is now only meant to say something about the _status_ of the
  translation, not to thank the translators.
  You should move acknowledgement of translators to administrativa. If
  that means you no longer use the para in bookinfo, then you should
  disable it in build/lang-options/<language code> [1].

- In administrativa there is a new conditional para: about-langteam
  Please put any acknowledgement of translators here. If you do, don't
  forget to enable it in build/lang-options/<language code>.

- The condition gpl-unofficial is unchanged.

Sorry I did not do this right the first time...


[1] I have changed the condition in bookinfo for all translations, so your 
existing para will not be suddenly disabled. So you really have to 
disable it yourself if you no longer want to use it.

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