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Re: Moving D-I translation status pages / New D-I levels organisation

Ah, bleh, I first replied in private...

Quoting Emmanuel Galatoulas (galas@tee.gr):

> I started working on the update of the greek po files for the 
> debian-installer.
> Just two points. During a checking out the level4 file was missing from 
> files/el
> (i suppose it was in the process of "generation"?!)

Yes, I think so.

> also could you be kind enough to remind me how to check in the updated
> files? Is it ok to send them to you or is there some central subversion 
> repository
> for all of them?

Everything is documented in the D-I i18n documentation:

I won't give you the answer so that I have a chance that you read some
part of it..:-)

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