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Description translations


I recently read a piece about translations of debian descriptions.
Appearantly this is all done without the maintainers even knowing about it.
This is very nice if the maintainer doesn't want to spend time on the

However, many packages have an upstream translation team.  I think it would be
very useful if those people could translate the Debian description as well.
After all, they know the package, and they know how certain words are
translated inside the program: consistency would be nice there.  Also, it
would take some load off the Debian translators, which can then do other
translations, resulting in more translated descriptions. :-)

So my question is: How can I ask my upstream translators to translate the
Debian description as well (this isn't so strange, because the debian/ dir is
part of upstream svn repository (but not of distribution tarballs))?  The
package I have in mind is pioneers.  It uses gettext.  Is it possible to make
the Debian descriptions part of the po files?  I suppose not, as they
shouldn't be in the mo files of the package...

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,
Bas Wijnen

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