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Locales and D-I Manual

Hi everyone :)

I've been translating the "preseed" section of the Debian Installer Manual, and I would really like to use values (where appropriate in the examples, instead of "us" or "en_US") showing how to set up a system for our language, especially since many people will be doing that for the first time.

However, I notice that console-data doesn't include any keyboard layouts for Vietnamese.

Since this next Debian Installer will be the first to support our language, this situation probably isn't surprising. But it should be resolved, if possible.

Overall, I was looking for the appropriate Vietnamese locale to set. That should be a UTF-8 locale for Vietnamese, either vi.UTF-8 or vi_VN.UTF-8. I'm looking in /usr/share/locale — is that the correct location?

I myself am running Mac OSX, which is a UNIX (BSD) base, and my system doesn't have any Vietnamese locales at all ! Which surprises me, since all the options included in a locale (keyboard layouts, timezones, time formats, money formats etc.) are available in the OSX GUI for Vietnamese. (Maybe I _am_ looking in the wrong location?)

Although I can set Vietnamese options perfectly in my OSX GUI, I have had all sorts of problems setting it for X11. That makes me wonder if the UTF-8 locale is, in fact, not specified correctly for the underlying UNIX system.

My husband's Debian testing install has a "vi" directory in /usr/ share/locale, but nothing marked UTF-8. The "vi" locale contains the usual specifications for money, date etc.

The Red Hat 9 install on our home server also only has a "vi" directory in /usr/share/locale. No UTF-8 or any of the common legacy specifications like TCVN or VNI: just like the Debian install.

My husband, who is monolingual, was surprised to be asked about Vietnamese locales, and even more surprised to find he had one on his system. ;) As always, it delighted me to see the files listed on his system for my translations. :))

Thankyou for any advice you can offer about this. I really haven't set up a Debian system from scratch for a Vietnamese user before, so I need to understand the locale-setting process before I can supply useful examples of it. Evidently we have a locale, but I don't know enough about it, or if it's the UTF-8 locale we should have.

from Clytie (vi-VN, Vietnamese free-software translation team / nhóm Việt hóa phần mềm tự do)

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