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Re: Pet release goal: support for packages description translations

Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> writes:

>> We believe this is warranted for these release goals because they
>> significantly improve the overall quality of the distribution across
>> packages, as well as etch's usefulness to a range of users.
> i18n people, here's a draft of a request to the release team, after
> Debconf discussions with Otavio and Grisu.

I'm in contact with mvo to get APT moved to SID as soon as
possible. It's still available only in experimental.

> It is meant to try to officially have supprot for the DDTP material as
> a release goal for etch...which seems feasible.
> This is just a draft, please feel free to correct/amend/complete. I'm
> mostly offline for the next days, so interaction might be a bit
> complicated.

I'm also trying to get a import of translation data once so we don't
need to use external repositories for testing. Just sid, as a test, is

> ---------------------- cut here ----------------------------------
> Please feel free to just tell me that's too late, but i18n-related
> discussions at Debconf have shown that adding "support for packages
> descriptions translations" as a pet release goal is somewhat
> reasonable, at first glance.
> A huge amount of material is currently available, as the result of the
> DDTP work by l10n teams, up to 2002.
> This material is mostly ready for being used and maintained, as files
> named "Translations-*" meant to be hosted on Debian mirrors.
> APT now includes support for such translated packages descriptions.
> To use them, users currently need to add the following to their
> sources.list file:

deb http://ddtp.debian.net/debian sid main

> The next step would be to allow such files to go on official Debian
> mirrors, which requires synchronization and discussion between the
> i18n team and the ftpmaster team.
> --------------------------- cut here ------------------------------

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