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Re: Summary of Debconf i18n activities

Il giorno lun, 22/05/2006 alle 18.27 -0500, Christian Perrier ha
>   Translation modules
>   -------------------
>  - Translation teams define their own processes from a set a
> standardized
>    actions:
>    - TTD (Translation To Do)
>    - TTU (Translation To Update)
>    - RFR (Request For Review)
>    - Reviewed (with counter) == LCFC (Last Chance For Comments)
>    - Pushed to maintainer via Debian BTS
>    - Pushed to maintainer via another BTS
>    - Ready for Use
>  - Different processes for different types of translations
>  - Branching translations with merge features
>    (manually or automaticall for stable/testing/unstable)

I think that other way to push should be consider, too. A description
was considered ok from DDTP if all three reviewers did not submit any


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