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Re: Debian I18N from a Transdict POV [was: Re: Google summer of code]

Hello all,

I will reparse this from a transdict POV.

Transdict supports other formats than PO. OO, Mozilla and others were
translated with it.

> - it could be improved to have web and e-mail based interfaces useful for
>   both translators and reviewers

Web inteface avialable, mail interface would have to be implemented

Has translation memory  and supports reviewers.

> As Christian said, we don't have the slightest idea what would fit our needs
> and how it could be engineered. If you want to tackle that idea and turn it
> into substance you are welcome aboard!

I will keep everybody informed on this matter while I am working on it.

- I have installed all the necessary dependencies (one was missing
from Debian, but dh-make-perl came to the rescue ;-)
- I have kept notes of the changes needed from a Debian POV
- I am trying to set up the needed configurations.

This has costed me about 3 days until now. I expect that I will manage
to have it running and set up after 2 or three more days of actual

To the transdict project a few screenshots have just been added
(unfortunately in Croatian) that can show just a few of the Transdict
capabilities. People interested can see them at

Will continue to keep you posted.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" A.Einstein

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