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Re: Google summer of code: i18n infrastructure


> Ditto. Gintautas, I keep you CC'ed until I have confirmation you're
> subscribed.

This is no longer necessary.  Thanks for getting me in the loop.

> Also keep your September 6-10 schedule free for the Extremadura/Spain
> meeting. Register yourself on wiki.debian.org (search for
> "Extremadura" and "i18n"). I'd really like to have you Zejn and
> Gintautas over there.

It's a bit far in the future, but I should be able to attend.

> Travel can be sponsored.

That's good to hear.  The SoC stipend is almost my yearly wage, I don't
want to spend it all on traveling ;)

Best regards,
Gintautas Miliauskas

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