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Google summer of code: i18n infrastructure

Yesterday, I've been pointed by the Debian GSoC responsible people to
the "Translation Coordination System" proposed by Gintautas


I agree that it describes well the objective we have for a long time
about i18n infrastructure.

Indeed, it fits enough these objectives for me to apply as a mentor
and mention that I would accept mentoring this project if it is
recognized as a valuable one and accepted in GSoC.

I made a few reserves about my availability during the GSoC months,
mostly the month of August. I however think that other Debian i18n
people (Javier....we'll talk about this at Debconf) will be able to
relay these duties.

Gintautas, I think we'll be in touch quite often, especially if the
project is accepted. Zejn, when I was first pointed to the project, I
was thinking this would be your project but, anyway, I think there are
possibilities to collaborate if this is what you had in mind when you
began talking about this in -project.

I suggest you all to subscribe to the debian-i18n mailing list so that
we have a common discussion point (I prefer this over private

Other debian-i18n people, think about putting more input on this
project. This is also *our* project.

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