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Re: Google summer of code: i18n infrastructure

> Yes, something like this was in my head, but what I am thinking of is probably 
> more fit for SoC2007 or so.

Well, indeed, I'm pretty sure that the project will still be a good
candidate for GSoC 2007.

Which means that having you participating in the discussions will
certainly be good. 

Denis Barbier already began to give input and I actually expect him to
assist me in mentoring this work if it is selected (as well as Javier).

> > I suggest you all to subscribe to the debian-i18n mailing list so that
> > we have a common discussion point (I prefer this over private
> > discussions).
> I'm subscribed now, so no need to cc to me.

Ditto. Gintautas, I keep you CC'ed until I have confirmation you're subscribed.

> > Other debian-i18n people, think about putting more input on this
> > project. This is also *our* project.
> I agree. 

I'll gather as many i18n people as possibleavel  in informal meetings at
Debconf6 and will let you folks know....hoping that network problems
there will be solved. I'll be at Debconf from Sunday May 14th 06:30
-0500 until May 22th 12:00 -05:00

I suggest you all already think about coming to Debconf7 (where? I
don't know....Could be in Scotland...or in Süd-Tyrol/Italy...or
elsewhere...quite likely Europe).

Also keep your September 6-10 schedule free for the Extremadura/Spain
meeting. Register yourself on wiki.debian.org (search for
"Extremadura" and "i18n"). I'd really like to have you Zejn and
Gintautas over there. Travel can be sponsored.

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