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Re: Google summer of code

(keeping CC for the moment. I suggest to keep -project CC'ed as long
as the topic is still close to Google Summer of Code)

Quoting Martin Michlmayr (tbm@cyrius.com):
> * Gasper Zejn <zejn@owca.info> [2006-05-02 22:36]:
> > I intend to apply for Google's summer of code for Debian's I18N
> > infrastructure plan. Is there somebody I should discuss this with or
> > should I just submit the application?
> Reviewing the discussions that happened on the debian-i18n list
> recently would certainly be a good idea.

I was thinking about GSoC for the recurrent topic of i18n

However, our ideas about it are currently not clear. The planned i18n
meeting in Extremadura/Spain next September is mostly aimed at drawing
these ideas into a real plan to have something setup.

I also want to take the opportunity of the Debconf next week to throw
out early ideas and prepare that meeting.

Up to now, various existing solutions have been evaluated and
discussed, such as Pootle, transdict or even Rosetta. But, my own
personal opinion is that going for this or that tool befre having a
clear idea of what we need is a bit wrong.

In short, I would have hard times writing down a "project" with a
clear goal, and probably even more hard times mentoring it ( but that
could be done by someone else), mostly because low availability during
summer time.

So, I can't refrain anyone to go along with this but I'm unsure about
the timing.

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