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Re: Yoruba and Hausa language support

> As I'm totaly unaware about Yoruba, Hausa or Igbo or any other african
> language, I'll have to cede this to somebody who has. Luckily I already
> got reply from Wazobia Linux, and they are that kind to help where they
> can. They also have translated about 70% of Gnome ond KDE yet. This will
> go into the main branch then.

Well, if these people have translated applications, they *need* a
working locale for the translations to be available..:)

And, BTW, the Debian Installer is desperately waiting for translation
in African languages. Apart from Arabic and "colonial" languages such
as French and English, we currently only have Wolof and Xhosa (indeed
a non maintained effort from Ubuntu).

So, if translators in Yoruba and Hausa ant to work on this, they
should get in touch with me.

Then, writing the needed locales will be part of the process I
describe as "New Language Process" in

> > To learn about locale files, you can have a look at files in
> > /usr/share/i18n/locales.
> Yeah, can't find them there. Do you know some description/howto about

Maybe you're missing the "locales" package...:)

> adding locales to Debian? Even if about 75% of spoken languages will
> disapear till 2050 I think adding Joruba, Hausa and Igbo to Debian won't
> hurt. :-)

Actually, I remember I has a brief contact with someone interested in
Igbo, in the past.

> I think I can get relevant files from the Wazobia people. At least for
> Console support.

I really suggest you hook up some of them to this mailing list. This
is the Right Place to start a translation effort.

In tend to focus people on the Installer translations...because this
has already proven to be a very good entry point to translations in
Debian....as well as general FLOSS translations

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