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Re: Yoruba and Hausa language support

Hi Christian,

> > As I'm totaly unaware about Yoruba, Hausa or Igbo or any other
> > african language, I'll have to cede this to somebody who has.
> > Luckily I already got reply from Wazobia Linux, and they are that
> > kind to help where they can. They also have translated about 70% of
> > Gnome ond KDE yet. This will go into the main branch then.
> Well, if these people have translated applications, they *need* a
> working locale for the translations to be available..:)

I do know. I just hope they share what they have. I'm not sure about
that yet, as Wazobia Linux seems to be a commercial product...

> And, BTW, the Debian Installer is desperately waiting for translation
> in African languages. Apart from Arabic and "colonial" languages such
> as French and English, we currently only have Wolof and Xhosa (indeed
> a non maintained effort from Ubuntu).

There seems to be a Yoruba package for Ubuntu availible too:

I'll get it this evening and check what's inside. :-)

> So, if translators in Yoruba and Hausa ant to work on this, they
> should get in touch with me.
> Then, writing the needed locales will be part of the process I
> describe as "New Language Process" in
> http://people.debian.org/~bubulle/d-i/i18n-doc/

I still have to learn about language/localization at all. Never had
to hassle around with locales other than de_AT or us_US. My professions
are networking and system matters. 

Maybe the Wazobia people will help, I'll ask them for sure.

> > > To learn about locale files, you can have a look at files in
> > > /usr/share/i18n/locales.
> > 
> > Yeah, can't find them there. Do you know some description/howto
>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 
> Maybe you're missing the "locales" package...:)

NoNo, I meant just yo_NG or ha_NG. ;-)

> > adding locales to Debian? Even if about 75% of spoken languages will
> > disapear till 2050 I think adding Joruba, Hausa and Igbo to Debian
> > won't hurt. :-)
> Actually, I remember I has a brief contact with someone interested in
> Igbo, in the past.

Wazobia claims to have support for those three languages on their
website. I think it's quite important to get GNU/Linux better known in
African nations. That's half the battle. Having support for the main
languages (all ist surely impossible, as there are a few 100 different
in Nigeria alone) will help a lot!  

However, it's getting more complicated as I know about different
versions of Yoruba- and Hausa-keyboards and such stuff now. :-|
> > I think I can get relevant files from the Wazobia people. At least
> > for Console support.
> I really suggest you hook up some of them to this mailing list. This
> is the Right Place to start a translation effort.
> In tend to focus people on the Installer translations...because this
> has already proven to be a very good entry point to translations in
> Debian....as well as general FLOSS translations

I'll request their help.

sl ritch

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