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[D-I] Inadvertent "1u" in level 1

Translators, this is of some importance for you.

Those of you who are notified by mail have received something like
this last night:

Changes for fr level 1
   between 2006-05-03 10:00:04 -0600 and 2006-05-03 22:00:05 -0600

Added files:
  * debian-installer/packages/arch/arm/nslu2-firmware-installer/debian/po/fr.po : 4t

Changed files:
  * debian-installer/packages/localechooser/debian/po/fr.po : 23t -> 22t0f1u

Dennis, I'm afraid I'll have to make you work a little...:-)

I recently changed l10n-sync to use the new po-debconf from
unstable. This allows the new "#flag" comments to be handled properly.

For instance, in the above, when using debconf-updatepo from
po-debconf 1.0, the string "${SHORTLIST}" is no more added in
translation material while it is added when using debconf-update from

So, you need to change the stats scripts to have them use
debconf-updatepo from ~bubulle/bin.... This also need to run it with
"PODEBCONF_LIB=/home/bubulle/lib" so that the binary finds the correct

For translators: DO NOT UPDATE your files because of the localechooser
change. This will need you to re-add the translation of "${SHORTLIST}"
which will be discarded at next l10n-sync run. Until the statistics
scripts are updated, localechooser will still show this "missing
string" while actually it has no missing string.

You can of course send updates for other changes....especially the
recent nslu2-firmware-installer addition.

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