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[D-I] level4 dpkg changes to PO files

Dear translators,

Recent changes in dpkg source code have triggered the formerly
complete translations to now have 22 fuzzy strings and 17 untranslated

More particularly, all "Usage:" strings are now untranslated....

Indeed, this change is less scary than it seems. These huge strings
which were previously very hard to maintain, have been splitted out in
a few strings each.

All former translations have been kept *at the end* of PO files, as
"obsolete" entries.

I suggest that, before updating the PO files, translators do the

msgattrib --clear-obsolete file.po >newfile.po

Then edit newfile.po with your favourite PO file editor. This will
allow you to easily grab old full "Usage" lines from the formerly
obsolete entries, paste them in the untranslated strings, then edit
them to fit the new original strings, mostly by removing extra lines.

This is IMHO the best way to save your time.

Another option is using a PO edition tool that allows copy/paste from
obsolete entries. As far as I know, KBabel, which is the most often
used, does not allow this...:-(


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