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Re: D-I Manual - Release planned, please update translations

On Thursday 27 April 2006 09:01, Jens Seidel wrote:
> > Notes for the uploaded release:
> > - languages that were enabled: Catalan, Italian and Swedish
> > - languages that were excluded: Brazilian (not sufficiently
> > up-to-date)
> > - languages that were incomplete but not excluded: Greek and Korean
> What's the status of all other languages?

I listed only changes in released languages and two that I thought 
deserved special mention.

> I really expected to see all languages in the union of your three
> categories.

Why should status quo be specifically mentioned? Only drowns out the 
things that are worth mentioning.

> About the license: Should it be translated? I doubt that there exists
> an official translation of the license so the English one should be
> used!?

I have been told that no, the licence text should not be translated (even 
though there are a few languages that have). As I understand it 
translations must be prepared by lawyers and possibly OKed by the FSF.

> Off topic:
> Is the English license valid in contries such as Germany? I think I
> read somewhere that English licenses are only valid for business or
> areas where English is really necessary/accepted/...!?????

IANAL. Please ask on debian-legal.

> PS: The documentation section of http://alioth.debian.org/projects/d-i/
> is empty. Why not refer to the manual?

Probably because nobody is eager to maintain yet another website.

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