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Re: European PT help needed

On 4/12/06, Clytie Siddall <clytie@riverland.net.au> wrote:
> On 12/04/2006, at 9:49 PM, Marco Ferra wrote (in conclusion):
> > For this I ask for advice, and if it's possible for us to have access
> > to the same resources given by Debian for the translation process.
> Marco, does the Portuguese (pt) translation team in Debian really
> have access to less resources than the other teams?

Yes, I believe so. But this is not specific to the PT team; there
isn't a central system equal and shared by all the teams.


> I think you will find that some teams have specialist processes which
> they have individually created. They are usually willing to share
> those with you, when you ask about them.

We have such a personalized system ourselves. But it's obvious that,
for example, there isn't a mailing list for European PT in
lists.debian.org.  I think that you agree that it doesn't make any

> This can also apply to wikis and other content management they may
> individually have set up.
> As part of the Debian Translation Project, I think we all have access
> to our team mailing list, the general i18n documentation and status
> pages. I know that our coordinators are working hard on building a
> more general infrastructure for us.

> It's probably important at this stage to distinguish which resources,
> from the ones you need, are Debian-specific, and which have been
> created by the individual teams.

Besides our own system, that we have written for our confort,
everything should be Debian specific. What services can Debian provide
for translators ?  The information is all very disperse.

Sincere regards
Marco Ferra

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