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Applying to be DD part 2

To: debian-i18n

Cc: Jutta Wrage, Christian Perrier

Hi everyone

I'm trying to keep this in clear parts so it can be useful in our archives, and be filtered out by those who don't have time for this.

Applying to be a Debian Developer:

1. You go to this page: https://nm.debian.org/newnm.php

2. Up front, you are told that "There is a large backlog of applicants which means it may take some time to get you through the system."

I estimate that we lose a significant number of potential DDs-voters right here. They look at how much time they can afford for this task, and still want to contribute their work. It just doesn't add up. I have read several feedback comments from people who have found the NM process way too demanding of their available time, even to the point where they had to choose either to contribute or to continue the application. So I will be monitoring the time effect of this application. Lack of time is for translators (and I think for all contributors) the biggest problem we face. If this process is indeed unrealistic in its demands of contributor time, then it is losing potentially good DD-voters. It needs to change.

3. The application:

A. "Have you read the Social Contract and DFSG and agree to abide by them in your Debian-related work? (You can read them here.)"

"Here" is this link: http://www.debian.org/social_contract

and each of these points (A etc.) are checkboxes.

The Social Contract does apply to translators. I have read it before and agree with it wholeheartedly.

The Free Software Guidelines have no application to translators, since we already specify the Free Software Foundation as copyright holder of our translations. I will agree in theory to this, since I can't apply it, or already am applying it. I certainly agree with its ideas.

B. "Do you yet have a GPG key signed by a current developer or some other photo ID scanned in and signed with your GPG key? (Click here for more information on this.)"

"Here" is http://www.debian.org/devel/join/nm-step2

I already use OpenPGP and have my own key. For anyone who doesn't yet have a PGP key, please see <http://axion.physics.ubc.ca/pgp- begin.html>. Very easy to use, once setup.

Oh, oh...


Since anyone can upload a public key to the servers it needs to be verified that the key belongs to the Applicant.

To accomplish this the public key itself must be signed by another Debian member. Therefore the Applicant must meet this Debian member in person and must identify himself (by providing a passport, a driver's license or some other ID)."

I'm bedridden, too ill to travel for some years now. I live 250km NE of Adelaide in South Australia.

This discriminates actively against very ill/disabled people. How on earth am I supposed to do this? I don't even know any DDs in Australia, much less anyone in my state, or anyone in my small regional community, many km from anywhere else. Good grief! :(

Unless we can find a way to deal with this situation, that's the end of my application right now. :(

Hmm, how about videoconf. of some kind? I have a webcam.

Jutta has offered to help me with my application, which is very kind of her. Christian, if you have time, I would also appreciate your advice on this situation.

Intermission. Stock up on drinks and chocolate, do your plastic-bag rustling NOW.

from Clytie (vi-VN, Vietnamese free-software translation team / nhóm Việt hóa phần mềm tự do)

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