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Please consider a better use of debian-i18n and call for translations

Hello fellow package maintainers of nufw and arno-iptables-firewall,

You recently uploaded your packages with a lot of new templates
strings (nufw) or a lot of brand new debconf templates

I would like to suggest you (and other package maintainers) to
consider using the debian-i18n mailing list to post call for
translations or call for translation updates when doing so.

The podebconf-report-po utility from the po-debconf package will help
you doing so for existing translations, and directly contact
translators for languages already covered in your packages.

For calling for new translations (i.e. when you introduce debconf
templates to a package that had none before), it is suggested to post
a mail to debian-i18n@lists.debian.org and point translators to the
debian/po/templates.pot file of your package (which you can put
somewhere on the Internet).

I suggest you then allow translators for a one week delay for them to
send you their updates, allowing for translation teams QA processes to
take place.

Thanks again for your work in Debian, especially for packaging the
software that motivates this mail.


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