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Request for translations (was: Please consider a better use of debian-i18n and call for translations)

Hi debian-i18n,

recently arno-iptables-firewall was uploaded to the Debian archive
for the first time. This is a package that aims to provide a very easy
firewall setup for a wide range of common network configurations. 


The intended audience are people that don't want to dig into the details
of iptables and at the same time don't want to use a heavy-weight
machinery (e.g. fwbuilder).

To achieve this goal, I added some Debconf stuff to the package, that
configures the firewall by asking a few questions about the setup.

Unfortunately my inital version of the templates was not very well made.
I had to improved them, after recieving some valuable comments (see Bug 

The new templates are now available from here:


I would be glad if they could be translated into many languages, because 
I think that easyness starts with reading in ones own native language.

There are also some PO-files of the previous version of the templates.

Additionally I would also appreciate any advice on the English version
of the templates (as I'm far from beeing a native speaker, as you'll see). 
I tried to keep the questions as simple as possible, but they are not 
optimal yet.

Thanks in advance.


On Tue, Apr 04, 2006 at 07:34:09AM +0200, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Hello fellow package maintainers of nufw and arno-iptables-firewall,
> You recently uploaded your packages with a lot of new templates
> strings (nufw) or a lot of brand new debconf templates
> (arno-iptables-firewall).
> I would like to suggest you (and other package maintainers) to
> consider using the debian-i18n mailing list to post call for
> translations or call for translation updates when doing so.
> The podebconf-report-po utility from the po-debconf package will help
> you doing so for existing translations, and directly contact
> translators for languages already covered in your packages.
> For calling for new translations (i.e. when you introduce debconf
> templates to a package that had none before), it is suggested to post
> a mail to debian-i18n@lists.debian.org and point translators to the
> debian/po/templates.pot file of your package (which you can put
> somewhere on the Internet).
> I suggest you then allow translators for a one week delay for them to
> send you their updates, allowing for translation teams QA processes to
> take place.
> Thanks again for your work in Debian, especially for packaging the
> software that motivates this mail.
> -- 

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