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Re: Third call for votes for the debian project leader election 2006

> So I'm trying to publicize it among people who may not read this  
> list. The election has had a small turn-out, which I think has to be  
> due in some degree at least to people not knowing about it. ;)

The election of the DPL is "reserved" to official Debian
developers...who are supposed to be subscribed to

This explains the following, as well:
> I think this might also either discourage people or produce invalid  
> votes.
> *** How do we know if our PGP key is in the Debian keyring? I don't.

All official DD keys are in the keyring.

What's hidden in your statement is another topic: what about Debian
contributors, such as translators, who are not official Debian

Well, in short, the project hasn't find the Right Way, currently, to
allow them to influence the project and, for instance, be recognized
similarly to official DD's.

However, the New maintainer Process is now more friendly to people
who aren't  contributing code, but are contributing in other areas,
such as documentation, translation, etc.... There are good example of
such people in people who became DD during last year...one of them is
now even the Debian Installer release manager...:-)

There is still room for better recognition, though...this is a topic
of recurrent debates and discussions...:-)

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