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Re: Two achievements today

Quoting kakada hok (hokkakada@gmail.com):
> Dear Christian,
> > -Khmer has reached 100% for level 1 and will soon be 100% for level 2,
> >  thanks to the effort of Kakada Hok (even though she still uses a SuSe
> >  system)
> Not me, but KhmerOS Team:)
> I have sent bug report of all files in level 2.
> Please comment me if any.

I'm getting around all those. You're currently receiving answers..:-)

Be careful about the package you report the bugs to.

Some of your bug reports were improperly filed to wrong package names
(such as "iso-codes_iso_3166_km.po " instead of "iso-codes"). They
have been reassigned properly by the QA people, but let's try to save
them extra work.

The D-I i18n documentation is very explicit about which package each
translation should be reported against. Be sure to double-check this
when reporting a new translation.

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