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Quick impressions of Rossetta

Hi there, 

I'm currently writting a paper with Christian Perrier for Debconf6 and, after
reviewing the mailing lists I found a message from Michael Vogt mentioning
that they had reused the work of the DDTP done years back into Rosetta [1]

Now, after recovering my password from Launchpad (I didn't knew I was
registered, either this was done automatically or I did and forgot about it)
I accessed the Rosetta web interface for translations.

Here are some first impressions, notice that I'm the main ("official") Gaim
translator upstream and I also maintain a lot of Debconf translations

- Rosetta shows statistics of translations per "package" and per language.
  Translations done in Rosetta are show in purple.

- there are updates to translations I'm a maintainer of in Rosetta which I've
  never known where available

- I cannot tell for certain which changes have been introduced by other
  translators to my original translation (even if in the statistics the
  translations are marked in purple, meaning that they have been modified
  within Rosetta)
  Note: I can have Rosetta send me a PO file but then I have to diff PO files
  myself, which is extremely cumbersome (specially if the PO translation
  applies to different program versions)

- Rosetta's web interface hides comments in PO files, so people translating
  the Gaim PO file are not aware that I introduced a glossary of terms 

- For long PO files (Gaim has more than 2000 strings) the web interface (10
  lines at a time) is useless
  Note: You can upload files to Rosetta so I guess you can download it and
  then re-upload it once translated

- If I select a debconf translation I'm a maintainer of in Debian it shows
  me a warning "you are not an official translator for this file" so I 
  cannot make a change there. Really?

All in all, these stuff puts me off. I don't think I'm more inclined now to
use Rosetta than I was before if this is the way it handles "upstream"
translators and their work.



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