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Re: Quick impressions of Rossetta

Quoting MJ Ray (mjr@phonecoop.coop):
> Javier wrote:
> > I accessed the Rosetta web interface for translations.
> Is Rosetta free software yet?

No. But (guessing that a secret *real* question is hidden behind your
public question) that does not prevent us to show interest for it, as
the official word from Ubuntu is that it will/could become free "at
some moment in the future".

Forgive me if there was no secret question behind yours, of course,
but, ahem, I have some doubts..:)

And, if that isn't clear yet, I have personnally no single intent to
use any influence I could have to push for Debian adopting Rosetta
before it becomes free.

If Rosetta ever becomes free, then it will become one of the
alternatives we have for Debian i18n infrastructure and we'd better be
ready for it *before*.

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