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Re: [d-i-commits] r35875 - in trunk/packages/localechooser: . debian

Quoting Christian Perrier (bubulle@costa.debian.org):
> Author: bubulle
> Date: 2006-03-26 20:47:26 +0000 (Sun, 26 Mar 2006)
> New Revision: 35875
> Modified:
>    trunk/packages/localechooser/debian/changelog
>    trunk/packages/localechooser/languagelist
>    trunk/packages/localechooser/localechooser
>    trunk/packages/localechooser/post-base-installer
> Log:
> Only use LANGUAGELIST when really needed. Remove useless language lists from
> the languagelist file. See #356997 for a rationale.

Let me comment this change.

This comes from a discussion triggered by the above bug, in -i18n.

It appeared from that discussion that setting the LANGUAGE variable to
something like "nl_NL:nl:en_GB:en" like this is currently done for
Dutch (and exactly similarly for other languages) is completely
useless and later prone to errors.

As a consequence, the -i18n discussion concluded (with Denis Barbier
agreement) that we should only keep language lists for languages for
which it is not obvious:

Norwegian Bokmal: using Nynork, then Danish, then Swedish as "backup"
Norwegian Nynorsk: using Bokmal, then Danish, then Swedish as "backup"
Northern Sami: using Norwegian Nokmal, then Nynorsk, then Danish, then Swedish
Portuguese: use Brazilian Portuguese as backup
Brazilian Portuguese: use Portuguese as backup and be sure that
                      Brazilian Portuguese is used first
                      (that one is probably useless)
Malagasy: use French as backup (wish by translator)
Chinese (Simplified): be sure to first use zh_CN
Chinese (Tradition al): be sure to first use zh_TW

For all other languages, I emptied this field in languagelist. Then
localechooser sets LANGUAGELIST to the language code only...and the
debian-installer/language as well as debconf/language then contain the
language code only, except for the above languages.

Finally, in the post-base-installer script, the LANGUAGE variable is
set in /etc/environment ONLY when debian-installer/language does
contains more than one entries.

This guarantees that, for nearly all languages, the LANGUAGE variable
is NOT set in the default environment.

Incidentally, this saves 1k in localechooser..:-)

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