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Re: Quick impressions of Rossetta

> All in all, these stuff puts me off. I don't think I'm more inclined now to
> use Rosetta than I was before if this is the way it handles "upstream"
> translators and their work.

Well, my conclusion would be different here: what you reported,
Javier, clearly shows that Rosetta still needs much work to be able to
fit your expectations...:-)

In short, let's be positive rather than negative. I think that most of
the problems you experienced can probably be experienced in other
web-based translation tools...or more generally in any translation
system that could be too much "outside" the upstream software authors
and external translators.

This is something we should discuss with the people in charge of
Rosetta in Ubuntu...which is what I expect from exchanges to handle at
Debconf, and later in Extremadura.

This is precisely one of the reasons which make me hope we will have
Michael or any other Ubuntu people in Extremadura (and at Debconf!),
as well as people from the Pootle/Wordforge project (Javier Sola
already mentioned me in private that he would be interested in coming)
or from the transdict project.

These issues are faced by all these projects and are more "social"
than really "technical" issues (or, better said, they are social
issues that will drive technical developments).

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