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Debconf switched to po4a in SVN

Hi Joey,

As I briefly mentioned you on IRC, I have applied the "switch to po4a"
patch in debconf SVN.

This completely changes the l10n of man pages from the "classical"
approach (translating raw files) to gettext use.

The advantage of this is well known: the translated man pages are
always guaranteed to fit the original man pages. Another advantage is
of course easier work for translators.

The patch has been prepared by the French team and more specifically by
Thomas Huriaux and Nicolas François. It also includes a full update of
French translations by Cyril Brulebois.

It implements the recommended layout for packages using po4a which
will soon lead to status pages similar to po-debconf status pages
appearing on the l10n part of the Debian web site.

To the Portuguese team: debconf man pages were previously translated
to Brazilian Portuguese. These translations have been switched to
po4a. You will need to review the doc/man/po4a/po/pt_BR.po file and
compelte it as most translations as not complete enough for some
Brazilian Portuguese man pages to be generated (the limit is 80%
translation for each man page).

For other translators with big courage, you can grab the huge POT file


678 strings.....


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