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Re: Debconf switched to po4a in SVN

On 15/03/2006, at 6:21 PM, Christian Perrier wrote:

As I briefly mentioned you on IRC, I have applied the "switch to po4a"
patch in debconf SVN.

This completely changes the l10n of man pages from the "classical"
approach (translating raw files) to gettext use. <snip details>

This is a really good change. :)

Some time ago, I translated a pilot manpage (find1) on Pootle, which used the po4a filter to convert it to PO format for me, then back to g (roff) afterwards.

It all worked perfectly, exact conversions, and very easy to translate. The translated manpage displayed perfectly in my terminal, with the correct language settings in the man configuration file, and using Bruno Haible's groff-utf8 patch. (Bruno is currently working on a full groff UTF-8, which will be a big step forward.)

If it's useful, I could put in the Translate Wiki [1] (this being a cross-project experience), the steps I needed to go through (configuration, the groff-utf8 patch) to make sure my terminal could display my translated manpage correctly.

I haven't had time to follow up this mini-project much yet. I have liaised with GNU, and they're happy to funnel manpage translation through the TP [1] once we have a procedure. I really need more information on what procedures are needed for different languages, to display their translated manpages, and how this varies from system to system. I want to be able to simplify this as much as possible, perhaps with an install script. The goal is that the translated manpages will be distributed with the English versions, just like translations of applications, and (ideally) an install process will take care of configuring the process for that user's language.

So, if you have the time, please collect some information on how the translation process of these po4a-converted manpages goes for you. Is the process smooth and trouble-free, or did you encounter some difficulties? What did you need to do, to make the translated manpage display correctly in your terminal? How do you think this varies from system to system?

Any and all info welcome, by email or added to the wiki page.

<pause to create wiki page>



I will maintain this page, as a resource for translators (like the rest of the Translate Wiki). You ideas and experiences are very welcome. Anyone involved in translation can use the Wiki and contribute to it. :)

from Clytie (vi-VN, Vietnamese free-software translation team / nhóm Việt hóa phần mềm tự do)

[1] http://translate.sourceforge.net/wiki/

[2] The Translation Project


(The TP accepts files from any OSS project. Most GNU files are funneled through the TP very effectively.)

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