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[HELP] Please forward shadow's pt_BR translation update to upstream


As requested by Tomasz <kloczek@zie.pg.gda.pl>, which is the upstream
developer for the shadow package as found in Debian currently, I updated
the Braziian Portuguese (pt_BR) translation and sent it to him.

However, his mailserver is refusing my messages, saying that I'm a source
of spams, which is not the case as I have my own fixed IP address from
which I'm sending this message and it's serving only me (listening only to
the loopback interface) and it's not even constantly up, as this IP
address is assigned to my personal laptop currently, which, BTW, has a fairly
secure policy (DROPing everything except what's locally generated as well
as DROPing everything which is not a reply for a locally generated request).

So, I'm asking if someone could help me by forwarding the attached files
to Tomasz (his mail address is <kloczek@zie.pg.gda.pl>, as already noted
above). The file named pt_BR.po.gz is the Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR)
translation for shadow fully updated.

The file named pt_BR.po.patch.gz is only the translation update, which
could be applied to the 1.79 version of the pt_BR.po file from shadow's
CVS (file http://cvs.pld.org.pl/shadow/po/pt_BR.po?rev=1.79).

That way Tomasz can choose wether he wants only to apply the patch (using
the file named pt_BR.po.gz) or if he wants to use the newer fully updated
Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) translation (the file named


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