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Re: Repeated headers removable?

Quoting Clytie Siddall (clytie@riverland.net.au):
> Hi guys :)
> In my recent reviews of my D-I files, particularly the Level 1 file,  
> I've noticed that when original strings have been updated, often the  
> header has been repeated above the original header. This has  
> resulted, in several places in the file, in very long string headers.
> I haven't altered anything, because I think these headers have been  
> inserted with the original string, but they are a nuisance while  
> navigating the file, and an absolute pain when they get into my  
> compendium.
> Is it OK to remove all but one of such headers?

Yes. At least for those of example 1 and 2 you gave.

The extra "headers" (better say comments, imho) are there because they
don't have a dot after the "#" character.

This is because someone once used a broken PO file editor, which
removes these dots. Then, during the l10n-sync process, the comments
are re-added at some moment.

So you can remove the comments which begin with "#" without a dot.

> # Type: text
   ^ missing dot

> #. Type: text

> Example 2.

Missing dots as well

> Example 3.

(and 4)

This is different. Here the extra comments are here because the
relevant string appears at different places in D-I packages. This is a
result of msgcat several POT files in one. Nothing that I can really

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