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console-data: planned translation NMU

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As written to its maintainer 2 days ago, I plan a translation NMU 
for console-data.

It will allow for complete keymap lists showing up for German,
Macedonian...and English for sparc installs

It will also include a brand new Esperanto translation which will
achieve a fully translated stage 1 for this language.

The following languages still can be completed easily:

Bosnian, Welsh, Croatian, Hungarian, Norwegian Nynorsk, Albanian,
Traditional Chinese

The folowiong are complete and require no action:

ar ,bg ,ca ,cs ,da ,de ,el ,en ,eo ,es ,eu ,fi ,fr ,ga ,gl ,he ,id ,it
,ja ,ko ,lt ,mk ,nb ,nl ,pa_IN ,pl ,pt ,pt_BR ,ro ,ru ,sk ,sv ,tl ,tr
,uk ,vi ,zh_CN

You can get files for these languages at:


where <code> is your language code.

The deadline is very short: you must send these files before Saturday
January 28th 12:00UTC to me or as a bug report against the
console-data package. The update is VERY MINIMAL and requires no more
than a few minutes.

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