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Re: [D-I] New untranslated string during beta2 release process

On 1/25/06, Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:
> Well, this was not discussed (at least with me) even though we're in a
> "soft string freeze", but I'll assume that Joey Hess had good reasons to
> make the change...
> Anyway, base-installer has now one additionnal string to translate
> which makes most translations to show up as 1451t0f1u for the D-I
> level1 master file.
> However, it would be better to have this string translated. So, for
> translators who keep up to date (we had up to 33 languages complete
> yesterday), please consider updating the new string VERY quickly. A

Christian, please commit this for me(ro). Thanks.

#. Type: text
#. Description
#: ../base-installer.templates:260
msgid "Found additional base dependencies: ${SUBST0}"
msgstr "Au fost găsite dependenţe de bază suplimentare:  ${SUBST0}"

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