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[D-I] New untranslated string during beta2 release process

Well, this was not discussed (at least with me) even though we're in a
"soft string freeze", but I'll assume that Joey Hess had good reasons to
make the change...

Anyway, base-installer has now one additionnal string to translate
which makes most translations to show up as 1451t0f1u for the D-I
level1 master file.

Given the huge effort recently made by translators to achieve 100% for
D-I level 1, I'll make an exception and languages with only this
string marked untranslated will be considered as 100% in the release
announcement and called "complete".

However, it would be better to have this string translated. So, for
translators who keep up to date (we had up to 33 languages complete
yesterday), please consider updating the new string VERY quickly. A
new translation upload is likely to happen in the very next
days. Deadline: Saturday Jan. 28th 23:59UTC


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