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Re: dpkg accelerators

Quoting Clytie Siddall (clytie@riverland.net.au):
> Hi everyone :)
> I'm reviewing my dpkg translation (which is taking much longer than  
> I'd anticipated), and I'd like to be able to set some more intuitive  
> accelerators.
> In the set of strings beginning:
> ____
> #:dselect/main.cc:138
> msgid "a"
> msgstr "a"
> #:dselect/main.cc:138
> msgid "[A]ccess"
> msgstr "[A]Truy cập"
> ____
> Can I change the character selected in the original strings?

Frankly speaking I would not recommend spending too much time on
dselect translations, except for the sake of being 100%.

I even wonder whether we should split the PO files in two domains:

-dselect strings-->keep existing translations and stop being active in
promoting new translators to work on them

-other strings-->still need translations and only include these in
"d-i level 4"

dselect is mostly abandoned software. We keep it in Debian because
this is the historical software selection tool. But Debian newcomers
are dropped into aptitude now, so the dselect prevalence is slowly
decreasing (this week, I convinced my boss to stop using it...yay!)

I think that we will probably propose to completely abandon dselect
after etch release. I don't know about the feelings of other dpkg
maintainers whose advice has much weight than mine but the former
maintainer of dpkg mentioned he would never touch dselect anymore
several times....

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