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Re: Work on a centralized infrastructure for i18n/l10n

	Sorry if I didn't phrase it properly (not native speaker). But
the idea of the feature is to be another helper tool, which means, fast
translations and "hints" during the translation process. But the human
reviewer _must_ be present for QA pourposes!

That is a common feature of XLIFF/TMX editors: fuzzy matching on present translation memories. Right now there are (at least) 2 libre applications that provide such functions in the "translation" world: OpenLanguageTools (ex- SunTranslationEditor), XLIFF based, accepts all sorts of formats after convertion, and OmegaT supports (x)html/od-sx*/java properties/ plain text, with imported tmx, needs native .po/xliff/docbook support to be used in the libre localization world efficiently.

In the translation of program there is a clear place for last translator
and copyright plate.

	Yes. But I don't know if we need to say that the contributions
became GNU/GPL or something else (I really don't know how important is
to state this clearly, I think it is important).

Translations are derived products and so are gdpled if the source is gdpled. translators should be aware of that, and maintainers should maintain modifications in the source properly.

Jean-Christophe Helary

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