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Re: (forw) international Debian work meetings in Extremadura, Spain, during 2006

El mié, 07-12-2005 a las 13:04 +0100, Denis Barbier escribió:
> These are also my dates of choice, and am interested in participating
> in such a meeting.
> BTW Andreas can you please be more precise, in which town is it supposed
> to happen?

It will depend on the time of the year. As Andres Schuldei said, one
possibility is a Monastery in the middle of the mountain. While this is
a personal favorite, I don't recommend it in winter. The other
possibility is a training center located in Casar de Cáceres (Caceres
Province). This place is famous for its cheese.

In any case, we'll arrange transportation from the Madrid airport to the
meeting place. It's a 2-3 hours bus trip.


Dario Rapisardi (GNU/Human Unstable)

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