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Re: Do GDM and/or initscripts have a problem?

On 9/28/05, Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:
> > Actually gdm should be bugged, and already is see #265101. As far as I'm
> > concerned, it should source /etc/environment (that's where the installation
> > system will drop the default system locale for logins) but the maintainer is
> > against it (see #265101 or a previous, closed, bug #133578 or, even,
> > http://lists.debian.org/debian-glibc/2004/debian-glibc-200401/msg00278.html).
> And this actually is a real big Pain in the ass, I have to say.
> Maybe the maintainer of gdm has arguments against a default setting in
> /etc/environment, which I respect, but this is currently the bloody
> way we use for all other bloody software and gdm is the only piece of
> crap that doesn't follow this, dammit.:-)

OK, I've read the bug report indicated by Javier, and I reached to
this conclusion:

1) either we set a debian policy for the default environment for the daemons
2) or we find a standard for a daemon default environment and set a
policy that all daemons should source that environment.

Either way, there should be a bug aginst "debian-policy". Is there an
interest in this issue at the momement?

> > PS: The bottom line is that we need consensus on how the language should be
> > set system-wide, some are against using /etc/environment as they say it's PAM
> > specific but other distributions (like Red Hat) use a global configuration
> > file for all the localisation in the system, including initscripts.



> Up to now, it seems that the unwritten consensus is using
> /etc/environment. First of all, because this is what do the locales
> and belocs-locales packages when keeping information of a default
> locale.

In a way, I thank the gdm maintainer for his position, as this helps
in pointing out there is a problem.

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