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Do GDM and/or initscripts have a problem?


I have seen for quite a while that my laptop does not display the GDM
inteface in a localized manner.

I tested a few things:
- killing X : gdm respawns angin in English (not localized)
- /etc/init.d/gdm restart : gdm respawns in Romanian
- delaying the start of the gdm daemon : English
- changed the init scripts order in rc2.d so that gdm is the only S99 : English

Trying to identify the problem, I added a -x parameter to the seebang
line, to see if LANG is defined, and in all the situations except the
gdm restart, it is not set to anything.

I suspect that the scripts in rcS.d are started too late, but I can't
put my finger on the source of the problem.

I wanted to know before I filll a bug:
- does anybody else experiences this behaviour?
- any idea about should be bugged X.org/initscripts?

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