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Re: [D-I] Hints for timezone names translations in D-I

> I've finished with the spanish translation and I do have some questions:
> - is there a size limit to the text for the timezone?

This is a Choices list, so yes...:-(

And, yes this is tricky as the limit in that case is...65 characters. 

I planned to do some checking soon but I'll probably lack time before
I leave for holidays.

> - why are they so many timezones for China? Reading the Wikipedia 
> (which has been useful to understand the timezones BTW) it looks like
> China has a single timezone for all the country... 

Well, all this comes from zoneinfo stuff. Probably some different ways to
use DST (this is for instance the reason of the silly East Indiana
thign for USA). Or some historical reason I'm not aware of..:-)

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