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Re: future of package descriptions translation?!

On Tuesday 26 July 2005 00:40, Michael Bramer wrote:
> I start with the rewrite of the ddts with a sql backend. Try
> http://ddtp.debian.net/ to see the descriptions with some translations
> on a read only web interface.

Is that code available somewhere? I searched on alioth 
<http://alioth.debian.org/projects/ddtp/>, but the CVS repository is empty. 
Are you using the alioth project, or some other service?

Are the other people listed as group members on alioth helping out, or are 
you on your own currently? If so, would you need help with the rewrite?

> Now I am waiting that ftp master include the translations files (you
> can find this on http://ddtp.debian.org) on ftp.debian.org. After this
> I write the mail interface of the ddts and the apt developer can add
> the i18n patch to apt.

Concerning the mail interface, how about Christian's proposal to use a .po 
file format for the mails instead of the former plain text?

I think that way more translators are familiar with editing .po files, 
instead of having to learn yet another translation format, even if it's a 
simple text file.




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