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Re: [D-I] Vietnamese soon to be added as supported Debian Installer language

> OK, impact on chronically-confused Vietnamese translator: does this  
> mean there are files with greater translation priority than debconf  
> (where I have translated from A-N, currently part-way through files  
> beginning with O)? Do I need to keep an eye on different pages for D- 
> I files? Is there anything in D-I levels that hasn't been translated  
> yet into my language, that I should translate?

http://people.debian.org/~seppy/d-i/translation-status.html will tell
this to you as soon as I will have sorted out why vi is currently
*not* listed there. I guess that seppy (Dennis Stampfer) is currently
using a special config file for his script that builds this page.

Dennis is actually away IIRC, so you might need to wait for a few days
befdore this is fixed and vi appears there. I'll try to see if I can
fix this but I may have file permisison problems.

Then, you will just need to check from time to time about the various
D-I "levels" translations and send updates when one is not complete.

> You really shouldn't lose translators. The first one might be  
> accidental, but after that, it's carelessness. I suggest you  
> microchip them on registration. (Do you remember where you left this  
> translator? Maybe you just put him down somewhere...)

Just lost contact with him. He didn't answer to any of my 5 calls for
translators, either posted here or sent to his individual address.

Maybe he will re-emerge some day, just like the Sebian translator did

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