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Re: About dpkg translation, please consider i18n when choosing words

> Wrt to the msgid:
> gobble replaced file `%.255s'
> Konstantinos

I agree with Konstantinos on this issue (and his proposal) and I would
like to add a few other remarks that I gathered during the painful
translation of dpkg before sarge's release:
(I left my angry comments in there, please do not take them as a
personal offence)

for upstream:

  dpkg --print-installation-architecture   print host architecture
(for inst'n)\n
      inst'n = installation/installations?
multiple spaces:
 dpkg, string 432 (main/main.c:154)
	"... in this run !  Only co..."
 dpkg, string 313 (main/enquiry.c:96)
	"...nstallation.  The ins..."

please stop silly quoting stile! "`" is NOT the pair of "'"


can it get more cyptical than this?
dpkg, string 241 (main/configure.c:175)
"unable to stat new dist conffile `%.250s'"

What the hell am I supposed to understand from this?
Can you please full _English_ words?
stat is not a verb; dist is not a substantive; conffile is not a substantive.


are there any width limitations intendended for string 311?
how about others?


"Version of dpkg with working epoch support not yet configured.\n"
Please use _English_ language. Please use full blown sentences
Did you mean: "A version of dpkg ...." or "The version of dpkg...." or
"There is is no version of dpkg..."?

"dpkg not recorded as installed, cannot check for epoch support !\n"
"dpkg is not recorded as installed, so I cannot check for epoch
support !\n or what?

"compiler libgcc filename not understood: %.250s"
What do you mean? who does not understand? whose filename? Again,
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE use ENGLISH sentences and ENGLISH language!
Please use full blown sentences which have a subject a predicate,
clear and explicit adjectives and adverbes!

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" A.Einstein

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