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Re: checking the whole translated sgml for errors

On Wed, Jun 01, 2005 at 12:08:00PM +0800, Hero_xbd! wrote:
> Hello, everyone!


> I'm translating Sarge release-notes  into zh_CN. It's finished , and now 
> I want to check it for linguish or spelling errors.


> The question is: How can I put(convert) *ALL* of the content of the sgml 
> file(whatever architecture or other like %secondrelease, %available-2.6, 
> etc.)into a single PostScript file to print it out to check?

The simplest solution is to either remove all conditionals (search for <![)
in a temporary version or to define all these entities to INCLUDE before
including "../dynamic.ent" (line 2):
<!entity % available-2.6 "INCLUDE"> 
<!entity % alpha         "INCLUDE">
<!entity % not-alpha     "INCLUDE">
and so on ...

In the case that you get an error because a label is defined twice (in
previously different conditionals) it should be sufficient to remove the
second id="..." attribute.

> Now I can only generate a certain architecture ps file from the 
> origional sgml file. But I DONOT want to generate EACH architecture then 
> check EACH of them.

Now just do a simple make architecture=i386 ps and remember that i386
has now no effect at all.


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