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Re: translation updates for gksu for sarge

Em Ter, 2005-05-17 às 07:14 +0200, Christian Perrier escreveu:
> (shortening the CC list)

Great =)

> > msgid ""
> > "The X authority file i am trying to create for the target user already"
> > "exists! This is highly suspicous!"
> > 
> > Using first person in messages is not recommended[1] according to debian 
> > developer reference.
> > 
> > [1]http://www.debian.org/doc/developers-reference/ch-best-pkging-practices.en.html#s6.5.2.4
> I also recommend avoiding exclamation-styleand usually "be as factual
> as possible".
> Something like "Impossible to create the Xauthority file: existing
> file detected. Please investigate this problem which is usually rather
> suspect."

I said to Eddy on a private message that I thought this was a good idea
and would take it into consideration for the next version of gksu. I'll
take your idea into consideration, too, and will probably accept both
more or less the way you suggested. Thanks!

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